Pet Pharmaceutical

Ohana Pet Hospital maintains a comprehensive in-house pharmacy so that our patients may immediately begin the healing process.

Pet Pharmaceutical

Additionally, we provide the ability for patients to have medications delivered directly to their home through our medication home delivery program.

During your appointment, if medications are required, our veterinarian will develop a personalized treatment plan that may require use of in-house or outside pharmacies.

Our in-house pharmacy includes:

  • Flea, tick and heart worm preventatives
  • Deworming medications
  • Oral health care products
  • Topical medications
  • Therapeutic dietary products
  • Homeopathic and natural supplements

Outside/Online Pharmacy Options

If your pet requires a medication that is not part of our in house pharmacy or requires ongoing regular dosages, our veterinarians may suggest that you consider utilizing our VetSource™ Home Delivery Program or other options including “human” pharmacies and highly reputable veterinary compounding pharmacies.

Click here to learn more about our new VetSource™ Home Delivery Program for medications, including prescription dog foods and other pet products.

VetSource® Rx Home Delivery Program

VetSource® Rx Home Delivery Program for your pet’s medications, food, and more!

We work directly with VetSource®, our trusted, safe and secure, fully licensed pharmacy partner, to ensure you get the right medication at the right dosage at the right time.

The benefits:

  • Affordability
  • Quality medications
  • FREE shipping on ALL food orders & orders OVER $49
  • Convenient auto-shipping, so you never run out of your pet’s medications
  • Enroll in Feed Me™ program for timely food delivery
  • Assurance that your pet’s medication is verified not to interact with any other medications prescribed by an Ohana veterinarian

Shop your pets medications today!

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NOTE: Your prescription order request will automatically be forwarded to your Ohana veterinarian for approval. You will receive an email or phone notification as soon as your request is approved or if further instructions are necessary.

You may also choose to call VetSource™ customer service at 1-877-738-4443. They will be happy to take your order over the phone.